workshops proposal

“Self-knowledge is not an end in itself; it is an opening wedge to the inexhaustible.”



The workshops are focused introspectively, in direction of deepening the individual self-knowledge and self-awareness. The work is oriented towards rekindling the connection with one`s own body as an essential source of information while taking care of the actual emotions, thoughts and images. The participant is guided in this self-explorative and experimental process through movement propositions. Time is spent with the guided imaginations that lead into movement creation and back to the exploration. The participant is supported to get closer to the meanings emerging from movement and handling them in the context of the actual emotions, thoughts or images. One´s own experience of movement is brought to the level of self-reflection in words to allow new discoveries to take place.

The workshops take place in a group, however the participant´s work remains mainly individual. Previous dance experience is not required, the work concerns the moving body. People with serious interest in this work, women and men of different ages and professional backgrounds are welcome.

I offer workshops in: