net works


People I work(ed) with:

Eli Dijkers  art photography     I have collaborated with Eli, an excellent photographer based in Rotterdam, since 2013. Many of the photos at my website are photos made by him.

Amund J. Røe

Mila Haugová

Billie Hanne

Ivan Palacký

Tomáš Janypka

Romana Uhlíková


Artists that inspire me. . . 

Iva Bittová whose music I listened to when I created my first dance solo

Henry Plummer, architect

Hundertwasser, poetic architect


John Berger


Dancers, dance teachers I love and recommend:

Lily Kiara, dancer, poet and musician. My dear and excellent dance teacher

Billie Hanne, dancer composing poetry, poet composing dance

Julyen Hamilton

  • an interview with Julyen Hamilton, Sept./2017 Prague (Studio Alta & Taneční all rights reserved)

Melanie Venino


Visual artists:

Maja Ruznic

Jan Krtička



Dances I like to see:

An amazing dance duet of Lisa Nelson & Steve Paxton from 3 years before I was born

MAYBE FOREVER – Meg Stuart & Philipp Gehmacher

Vanishing Point by Rosemary Butcher