net works

People I work(ed) with:

Eli Dijkers  art photography     I collaborate with Eli, an excellent photographer, since 2013. Many of the photos at the website come from his hands.

Matthieu Legros  Luthier

Mila Haugová

Marek Štěpánek, brother  Graffiti works

M´ART PRINT GALLERY, father  Graphic gallery and workshop

Billie Hanne

Ivan Palacký



Artists I wish to work with:

This category fuses with some of the others – like my teachers, visual artists or dancers/choreographers that inspire me…

Iva Bittová whose music I danced when I created my first dance solo

Henry Plummer, architect

Hundertwasser, poetic architect



Dancers, dance teachers I love and recommend:

Lily Kiara, dancer, poet and musician. My dear and excellent dance teacher

Billie Hanne, dancer composing poetry, poet composing dance

Julyen Hamilton

  • an interview with Julyen Hamilton, Sept./2017 Prague (Studio Alta & Taneční all rights reserved)

Melanie Venino


Visual artists:

Maja Ruznic

Jan Krtička



Dances I like to see:

An amazing dance duet of Lisa Nelson & Steve Paxton from 3 years before I was born

MAYBE FOREVER – Meg Stuart & Philipp Gehmacher

Vanishing Point by Rosemary Butcher