a piece of theatre
in the process of its creation
2019 – 2020

Premiere: Autumn 2020
Nitra, Slovakia

A piece that
brings us to the essence of the Journey.
Tells of the wisdom of the Visit.
Proposes a Return.

How much time have we been here?
By what means do we Know?

The thing that matters is
to let one´s point of connection
be moved.
That will ensure a link between the inner and outer.

The movement is done by the light and the imagined.


An international project of seven artists from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Norway
in which the disciplines of dance, music, photography and light design will meet and communicate.


The team

Light design/scenography sketches
by Pavla Beranová
March 2020

First light design sketches
Autumn 2019

an eye into the rehearsals

February 2020

October 2019

From a notebook


24. October 2019

“Working with Amund in a studio, The Hague. Beginning to feel and recognize the sounds for the piece. I listen to his sounds and music. Some of them I recognize, others I have never heard before. I feel he has the sounds I have been imagining for this piece, it feels natural, though it surprises me. I wish to remember the sounds that touch me or I feel would fit, but how? How is my memory of sound? – – – long sounds like landscapes of slowed motion, image of a dreamstate, an organlike sound of extinction, clarinetsound churchlike!, a going under the ground sound, pretty dark, . . .  Can I be in my dance so specific as yesterday, as Amund is in his music?”

Temple is ´IMAGO MUNDI´, an image of the universe, because it Is, it exists in the center of the World, where the whole Cosmos originates (Mircea Eliade, freely quoted).



Exploring scenographic materials
Study of stone



13. August 2019: “There is an image appearing of reaching the state of slow motion movement, development of an image. The movement has strong resonance – inner impact is reflected outside – strong connection in space.”


7. August 2019

Egypt/the essence of a temple: the temple was also a mirror of the universe and a representation of the ben-ben, the sacred mound which rose out of chaos by the will of Amon at the beginning of Time.

etymology of “altar, altaria”: “burnt offerings” I question myself what does an offering mean to me? What does it mean to those who are used to offer? What is the deep meaning of to sacrify?

from a notebook


A study of space



Z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.


author of the concept: Roberta Legros Štěpánková